Betway Sports Betting December 2021

With over 15,000 markets to choose from, you can’t go wrong betting in the Betway sports markets. On Betway there is something for everyone. While sports fans focus on sports betting, casino lovers have a huge variety of casino games to enjoy.

The best part is that Betway offers a huge bonus when you sign up. By using Betway sign up code MAXBONUS, you get 100% of your deposit once you fulfil the requirements.

This Betway review is to show you how to place your bets on Betway.

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Bet on Betway Sports

Sports betting has been made easy on Betway due to the variety of markets and new features added to the Betway sports app. You can bet on the main website, mobile website, or mobile app.

Betway also offers data-free sports betting so you can place bets on the website even if you are short on data. Betway is also the pioneer of SMS betting so that you can bet even without a smartphone. When it comes to making it easy to place bets, Betway takes the crown.

With their 100% welcome bonus, you can be sure that you have enough funds to place your bets. You can sign up, make a deposit and place bets.

Betway caters to different segments of sports lovers with its vast array of games and huge sports markets.

Here is a list of sports and leagues available on Betway sports.

  • Football – EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and other lesser-known leagues.
  • Basketball – NBA and EuroLeague Basketball.
  • Cricket – Indian premier league (IPL).
  • Ice Hockey – National Hockey League(NHL).
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Rugby
  • Formula 1
  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • Boxing

If you are feeling lucky, you can try your hands on the massive collection of casino games. With Betway, you are guaranteed premium enjoyment. The Betway app has a promotions tab, and you can check from time to time to partake of the several promotions they run.

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Betway Sports: Pros & Cons

There are several advantages Betway offers has over other sportsbook companies.


You can bet via SMS

Betway pioneered SMS betting in Nigeria, it gave millions of fans with limited access to the internet to be part of the fun of sports betting.

The cash-out features

If the games you place are not going in your favour, you can cut your losses and request a cash-out. This will be a percentage of your supposed winnings.

Continuous promotions

With the Betway sports app, you can see continuous promotions on the different sports available.

Excellent customer service

Betway offers excellent customer service via several channels. You can reach them by sending them a message on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, and through their mobile number. If you need quicker replies you can use the live chat feature on their website or the Betway sports app.

Easy to use mobile app

The Betway sports app offers a bet-on-the-go alternative for gamblers. You can use the mobile app to sign up, deposit money, place bets and withdraw your winnings.

Data free betting

Sports betting is possible on Betway even if you are low on data or in an area where internet access is limited. They offer their customers data-free betting.

Live Streaming and Live betting.

You can follow the live-action of the games with the live streaming feature on the Betway website. You can also take advantage of the live betting feature on the website or the Betway sports app.


The Betway app takes time to reflect deposits.

This is a major complaint among Betway app users. That deposits don’t reflect immediately so they can’t place bets.

Withdrawal restrictions.

There is a limit you can withdraw in a day.

Limited market on some sports

Some of the sports markets like boxing and horse racing have limited markets on Betway.

No physical shops.

Unlike major sportsbook companies in Nigeria, Betway follows a mobile-first approach and has no physical betting shops. While the mobile-first approach has its benefits, most punters love the thrill of sports betting in a physical shop. It is also where they hang out and discuss the latest sports news.

Betway Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world with an estimated 4 billion fans. And it is not different in Nigeria, with over a 100million fans of the game tuning in to watch every weekend. Popular leagues include the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and the French Ligue 1.

Nigerian fans are passionate about football and their favourite teams, and they show it by betting on it. The popularity of sports betting has increased over the years with better odds and more markets.

You can bet on soccer on Betway and it is the first sport you see on the website. Once you make a deposit, you are eligible to place bets on any sport. You can see the games available to place bets on the homepage.

These selections are made based on the popularity of the teams and the league. To see other available leagues, you have to click on the league tab and select from about 42 leagues played around the world.

Another great feature of Betway is its huge selection of sports markets. With over 65 sports markets, you have a lot of options to choose from. From straight win (1×2) to correct score to handicap and over/under and correct score.


Bet on Football

Virtual football on Betway

Another popular betting game that football fans can partake in is virtual football. Virtual football is a game of football simulated by computers. The score is generated by a random number generator (RGN), so you can be sure of fairness. Virtual football has several advantages over regular Betway football gambling, such as

  • It doesn’t have a seasonal cycle, so you can bet on virtual football all year round.
  • The bet completes quickly, unlike normal football that takes 90 minutes
  • It is a straightforward game of luck mixed with strategy.
  • There are no injuries, yellow/red cards, or VAR that can significantly alter the outcome of a game.
  • Virtual football betting doesn’t postpone games, unlike live football games which can be postponed for weather conditions, civil unrest, etc.

So how do you bet on virtual football on Betway? When you log in to your Betway account, look for the virtuals tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Virtual Football Betting

Click it and a new page opens listing all of the virtual sports offered on Betway. Click on virtual football, and you will see the list of teams playing. These are fictional teams in a fictional league modelled after the 20-team league format. You can place your bets on the matches that are to be played.

Sports betting on virtual football is fast, simple, and fun. The 90-minute game is compressed into 90 seconds and you have the next 90 seconds to place your bet. The market for virtual football is limited to the popular ones like straight wins (1×2), double chance, over/under, correct score, total goals, etc.

Bet on Virtual Football

Betway Fantasy Football

When it comes to football, there are several ways to bet on it, and on Betway you have the options available. There is Betway football betting, Virtual football, and Betway Fantasy Football.

Fantasy football is a game based on building your football team from players from different clubs. You can now earn points based on the performance of the players in real-life football games.

You can play fantasy football in popular leagues and also the popular tournaments like Copa America, the EUROs, and the UEFA Champions league on Betway. To play and bet on fantasy football, go to your Betway homepage and click on the ‘Virtual’ tab as shown below.

Betway Football Betting

When you play fantasy football on Betway you have the chance of winning cash prizes if your fantasy team comes first. The second and third teams will get consolation prizes.


Bet on Fantasy Football

Betway horse racing

Horse racing has a rich history dating back to 4500 BC in Asia. The industry has continued to wax strong and is valued at about $1billion.

Horse racing is a game that involves horses racing themselves to the finish line, the first horse wins. Horse race gambling is as old as the sport, which has been the appeal of the sports.

The good thing about betting in horse racing is that it has a short completion time. In just about 13 seconds the whole race is complete and you can cash in your winnings.

But horse racing is not so popular in Nigeria. But Nigerians who are interested can check out Betway horse racing as the sportsbook offers one of the best odds.

You have access to information online about the racehorses, the jockeys, and racecourses.

Betway horse racing offers a good number of markets, such as


Bet to Win –

This is to horse racing what a straight win is in football markets. To play, you tip the horse you believe will win a particular race. If you bet on a horse with odds of 2.5 with N20,000, it wins the race. Your payout will be N70,000, which is your winning of N50,000 plus your stake of N20,000.


Each Way Betting –

Each way betting is essentially betting on two outcomes. The first part, the WIN bet is that the horse you tipped will win. The second part of the bet is the place bet, which is that the horse will finish in the top 5. Your bet amount will be split into two, so for example, if you bet N10,000, N5,000 will go for the WIN bet and N5,000 will go for the place bet. If your tipped horse wins, you win the whole bet, but if not, your N5000 will be multiplied by the odds of the top5 and that will be your payout


Placed Betting-

This is the equivalent of the correct score market in other sports markets. If you bet on a horse in the placed betting market, you are tipping it to come in a specific position.


Ante-Post Betting –

When you wager on ante-post markets, you are betting on horse races in the future. This is typically available for Major horse racing tournaments such as the Cheltenham festival that has a large selection of horse races. The good thing about ante-post betting is that it offers larger prices than immediately before the race.

Remember that you can use the Betway sign up bonus to place bets on the Betway horse racing markets.


Betway – Bet on tennis

With over a billion fans around the world, Tennis is the 4th most popular sport in the world.

But the popularity is not widespread in Nigeria, that may be because there are no top tennis players from Nigeria. But then many tennis lovers and fans can bet on tennis on Betway. There are a lot of tennis tournaments happening each year, such as the Grand slams – the U.S Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open. There are also a host of other tournaments organized by the WTA and ATP, so you have a lot of games to bet on.

You can get to the tennis section by clicking on the tennis tab on the homepage of the website or the Betway sports app. You will see the markets available to punters who are interested in tennis. The market for tennis games is smaller as there are only two players in each game with fewer actions to happen. The markets include

  • Match results
  • Overs/unders game
  • Correct score
  • Game handicap
  • Set handicap
  • Number of sets
  • Odd/even games.
  • Player to win set.

While tennis doesn’t boast of many markets like other popular sports you can increase your winnings by accumulating bets. Tennis is a sport that offers the live betting feature, so you can take advantage of that.

Bet on Tennis

Betway Boxing

The sport of boxing is very popular with gambling. Betway offers the greatest odds for a variety of matches in different tournaments. Unlike other sports, the markets on boxing are limited, but you can find great odds when you bet on Betway.

You can improve your chances of winning money betting on boxing matches by getting enough information about the contestants. Some things to consider are their fighting history, the number of rounds they’ve fought, and their composure in front of the camera. One thing to avoid is getting caught up in the boasting and showboating as that is part of a boxer’s preparation. But all that won’t matter if he lacks the skills to defeat his opponent.

Betway offers only one market for boxing, there is no official name for the market, but you bet on it by selecting the winner of the whole boxing match.

Bet on Boxing

Betway Cricket

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football with about 2.5 billion fans.

Due to its popularity, cricket is offered by major sportsbook companies and Betway is no exception. With several tournaments such as T20, Test Series, The Royal London One-day Cup, you have a lot of options to bet on. Popular leagues such as the Indian Premier League -IPL are also featured on Betway.

Cricket is not popular in Nigeria, and most Nigerians don’t watch it. But if you are interested in betting on crickets on Betway here is what you should know. There are several markets and Betway offers popular markets such as:

  • Match Result
  • Team with Top Batter
  • Will there be a tie
  • Top Bowler
  • Coin Toss
  • Any Player to Score a Milestone
  • Total Runouts

Bet on Cricket

Betway eSports Betting

Esport Gaming is one of the newest markets on Betway. eSports are video game competitions that are offered by game developers. These competitions feature single-player games, multiple online battle arenas for teams, and even the digitalization of physical games like soccer, basketball, and other popular sports.

eSports is just about a decade old and it is not yet as popular in Nigeria. Sports betting on eSports is still in its nascent stage as most sportsbook brands are yet to offer eSports on their platforms. It was in 2015 that Betway started offering eSports markets on its platforms, the first sportsbook brand to do so. And most Nigerians can benefit from betting on eSport on Betway. The eSports Betway platform offers a plethora of tournaments and leagues which some are:

  • 4Entertainment
  • Blizzard OW
  • Dreamhack SC2
  • Hitpoint
  • Riot League of Legends
  • Polsat League of Legends
  • Ubisoft
  • Tencent

These tournaments are organized around the world by game developers and attract a huge crowd of eSports players and teams competing to win.

Some of the eSport Betway games are

  • League of Legends.
  • Counter-Strike.
  • StarCraft.
  • Rainbow Six.
  • King of Glory.
  • Overwatch.

eSports Betting

You can also use the Betway sports app to access the esports Betway platform. Like other regular sports, there is live betting on the eSports Betway platform, so you can place bets based on the progression of the games.

Bet on eSports

To summarize

Betway has grown to be one of the most popular sportsbook brands in Nigeria. The sportsbook offers the best odds for a wide range of sports. Betway has also captured the hearts of the fans by supporting various football clubs.

The football teams sponsored by Betway include West Ham United FC in the EPL, Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, Deportivo Alaves, and RCD Espanyol both in La Liga. The company also sponsors Ninjas in Pyjamas, an eSports team, one of the first sportsbook brands to get into the game.

The interesting thing about Betway is that they follow a mobile-first approach. They have made it convenient to bet by SMS, and data-free betting when you use the desktop or mobile site. The sportsbook brand also has a Betway sports app for mobile devices which is easy to use.

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